Prada Messenger Bags on EBAY- FAKES??????

  1. Hey guys- I am a guy looking for a good Messenger Bag for work. I really want a Louis Vuitton ($1250.00) one that I found at Eluxury but frankly, the Double pocket version by Prada will do the job just as well. Retails at $950.00. But on ebay the "V165" Double pocket version that looks just like the one at Saks or Neimans sells for $180-220.00. Are they all fakes? These seller all have outstanding feedback and call them authentic, but I have my doubts. Is this because people know they are getting a decent knockoff and that is what they expect? Or are these bags such good fakes that people really believe that they are getting a great deal? And If I have to pay retail to get the bag I will definitely by the all leather Louis Vuitton versus an 80% NYLON Prada bag for only $300.00 less..
  2. It doesn't make sense to me that the same brand new bag selling for $800 at Saks is under $200 on eBay. These are part of their regular collection and they have them every season, and they never go on sale, so it's just not possible for these to be so cheap.

  3. Most of the Pradas (about 90 percent) are fake on ebay. If you find something that you're interested in, I would put the item in authenticate this and we can tell you if it's fake for sure.
  4. Im actually having this trouble too. I saw this seller and he has some bags I like. Im looking to buy one but they are so cheap. I actually went to manchester the other day and tried on one of these bags in PRADA and it retailed for £415 = $830 so this guys bags are so cheap :nuts:. He guarentees that their real but is he a reputable seller ?. thanks :flowers:
  5. Hey Guys..Please post any authenticity questions in AUTH THIS section ONLY! TIA!