Prada Messenger Bag

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  1. Hi, I really like the Prada Vela Messenger, the one on saks website for $880. I don't really see any resellers/consigners selling this bag. I was just wondering where you would recommend getting one pre-loved at a little bit lower price.

    Or are they not that common? I know they're easily faked, so I would rather go with a reputable consigner or ebay seller. Otherwise I will save up and buy it :smile:

    Thank you
  2. When I was at the Prada outlet at the Orlando Premium Outlets in Florida this winter, they had the Vela messenger (I was strongly considering buying it). I believe it was perhaps see if there happens to be one of the outlets anywhere near you? I know there aren't many of them across the country, but there could be one within striking distance.

    I don't know if this would dissuade you or not (the sales associate pointed it out to me, and it ultimately changed my mind) but the front flap actually buckles down...rather than snaps or fastens with a magnetic closure. She told me it's a huge pain to undo two buckles every time you want in there, then do them both up again when you are done. Otherwise it was a fantastic bag - nice wide shoulder strap, roomy, lots of great pockets. In the end, I thought those buckles would make me crazy.

    Hopefully you can find one at a discount. I haven't seen any second hand, because I actually looked a bit for one myself.
  3. thank you! i wonder if i could call the outlets if they're far away and see if they would send it to me via charge-send

  4. I called them. They have 5. $535 (instead of $880) + tax + $20 shipping. Now Im just checking some of the consignment websites, etc, before I order it because it looks like I missed out on some that were around $275. I guess these aren't too popular anymore. I've wanted one since I was 15. Im now 29. Lol.
  5. Oh that was a really good idea....I never thought about just calling them up! I had really wanted one too, but the sales associate talked me into a slightly different cross-body nylon bag. I never asked for the messenger bag's price, but mine was $550...I guess they were pretty similar in the end.

    Hopefully you can find one even cheaper! If nothing else, at least it's better than $880.