Prada Matinee Handbag

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  1. Anybody seen the new Matinee bag? New shape in Saffiano, but is it a yay or nay?

    Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 00.21.24.png Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 00.22.02.png Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 00.22.25.png
  2. Meh. :tdown:
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  3. Well, I would never pay whatever they are asking for what looks like a basic bag.
    Plus the handles look disproportionately long when coupled with the shoulder strap.
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  4. GEEZ LOUISE!!! They run $2450-$3100 depending on the size. I could buy an Hermes for that price point barely 9 years ago. HERMES!!! Not Plastic Prada.
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  5. :wtf:
    Miuccia must be hitting the crack pipe again. Good grief

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  6. Ahuh!!! I had like a 5 min of stunned silence looking at the bag and the price! :wtf:
  7. And they're getting so cheaply made. Little things like replacing the inside metal rectangle PRADA Made in Italy tag with a poorly embossed logo to begin with. Other than pieces at least 10+/- years old, I've given up on Prada. I've wandered over to the dark side recently and have been buying most vintage LV bags. The newest one I have is 7 years old. Much like Prada, they were made a lot better and have more personality. Besides that, they're dirt cheap on the secondary market if you know how to shop for them.
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  8. I'm not a fan.

    The design seems way too simplified for the price tag and the short handle looks really awkward when the bag is worn on the shoulder with the longer strap. And I don't like how the opening of the bag is constructed, just doesn't look good to me.
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  9. :amazed: Yikes! I did read quite a few here on Prada's poor track record with the quality of their products and the lack of after sale customer service, such a huge contrast when comparing to LV. I'll be steering clear of Prada for now unless if its a vintage that caught my eye :lol:
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  10. I don’t like it
  11. Dear @Prada Psycho, does it apply to their wallets as well? I havent heard of any negative stuff about their quality. I currently using a saffiano wallet for 5 years now and it still look immaculate! Im on the hunt for a new wallet now as I'm bored with the color that I have :lol:
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    All you need to do is read around the Prada sub-forum. There is thread after thread after thread about the personal experiences of other members with Prada bags.

    As to the small accessories, I personally don't see many posts about them good or bad. I have to suspect the quality has taken a dive in those as well. Given their wallets cost as much as their handbags cost not too long ago, I personally wouldn't take the risk.
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  13. I wonder how it would look in Daino leather or Cervo leather?
    I think Saffiano leather make the silhouette look cheaply made. I do also agree that it look awkward with the longer shoulder strap. Like isn't the main strap meant to be also hold as a shoulder? :wondering:
  14. I guess I'm in the minority. I just recently went to Neiman's, looked at it, and tried it on. I really like it! I, however, do not like the price. If it were about $1k cheaper, I'd buy it.
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