prada makeup bag

  1. hello everyone!! i was wondering where i can purchase a cute prada cosmetic
    bag in a really fun color... i've seen some online but it's the typical black
    nylon one. i was hoping to get either a pink or lime green one. Please let me know
    if you've seen some lately, either at dept. stores or online. Thanks everyone for
    your help!!!!!
  2. Ohhh thankk you!! i been looking on eBay for 2 weeks and came up with
    nothing... i've been using the term "prada makeup bag" i should have been
    using "cosmetic bag" LOLS thanks for your help PurseWatch:smile:
  3. Saks carries them in gauffre etc..very cute!
  4. You're welcome gucci lover, I hope you'll get it for a good price.;)
  5. Those are really cute, I've been thinking about getting one of those for ages!