Prada make Skis!!!

  1. I have to admit the skis are beautiful, I use Volants and am very tempted to get these, any one here seen these in person?

    Prada make Skis
  2. If you're a pretty good skier, then why not? :smile:
  3. Did anyone get these this season?
  4. I'd love them, but I just got a pair of Rossignol skis, and figured they were exspensive enough. Well, thank God for carving skis anyway:p Wohoo, for snow!!
  5. Chanel has been known for quite some time for their Chanel Sport line. They make almost anything for fine sports. I don't know how Prada will do with making a sport item, but I have to admit it's very sleek and stunning!
  6. yes they make skis too.
  7. Anyone using these this season?