Prada Madness

  1. Been crazy abt Prada for a year and these 2 are my recent buy ^^ Does anyone has any idea where I can see them online?


  2. I'm new to Prada and have never seen either of these. Not to worry-someone with a lot more experience will come along. They are beautiful. Thanks for posting the pics. :yes:
  3. Yeah they are gorgeous!!! Where did you get them?
  4. Thanks so much Emmy, I love them too:heart: My bf gotten them from London and Hongkong... no idea how much they cost:confused1: and I can't even find them online... I live in Sg but the Prada shop doesn't carry the exact 2 designs at all..
  5. Where's Jill? hmm- they look nice, but in my experience Prada usually puts metal plaques on their croc bags.
  6. I don't get what ValleyOppressed trying to imply but both are purchased at prada shops. Of course as both are gifts there is no way I can get the price from the sweet boy:p
  7. I did see similar bags in London. I have been focusing on gauffres recently, so haven't paid too much attention to others. But I have prada bags that have leather plaques as well.
  8. I think a metal plaque would look more tacky. The matching croc leather plaque looks more classy and reserved. There are metal plaques on fake "croc" "Prada" bags.
  9. They're gorgeous!! the first one seems from runway 06ss
  10. Thank you so much dears for the kind remarks:blush: I find the leather tag much nicer as well... though my beige tag somehow was embossed on the leather line thus the 'PRADA' doesn't look too obvious. The beige one, I still manage to see the smaller version in Sg shop though but I guess smaller size bag is harder to sell;)