Prada luggage anyone????

  1. So, I am sooooo in love with Prada nylon bags!!!!:drool:

    I also love the wonderful leathers and do think that Prada has the best leather bags....but the price is not right for me at this time....:crybaby:

    So I needed to get some travel gears to make my collection complete....I just ordered a Prada duffel bag...and am considering a luggage with wheels.....I just dont like the LV luggage...and thought Prada!!!!

    Anyone have experience in its durability??? Your comments or suggestions????
  2. I have a Prada duffel and LIVE in it
  3. It's pretty lightweight, easy to clean, and relatively sturdy.
  4. And they are so good looking!!!!!!! I ordered a rich brown tone and it is totally awesome!!!! Sooo excited and cant wait to get it.....3 more days.....:hysteric:
  5. Sounds perfect....thank you....:smile:
  6. The nylon is really easy to take care of, but for some reason I'm just not attracted to the luggage. Maybe it's just the way the Prada boutique here displays it (8-9 pieces squished on the floor in a pile.)
  7. I have the small wheeled luggage and although I love it (it can be checked) I made the mistake and got it in ivory leather (I just liked it better than the brown) I really don't use it that often unfortunately. It is built quite well though and has more than enough room for everything.

  8. Sounds beautiful though....
  9. What is it that keeps you from trying one out????
  10. It does sound beautiful....are you just worried about getting it dirty due to color? Any other concerns you have regarding the leather??
  11. It's the leather that I worry about - because anything that nicks it can create color transfer. I should have thought about it more before I purchase it. I do use it for weekend trips with the car because then I'm the only person to blame if something happens:smile:
  12. The snotty sales associates.. theres this one guy that's always there and he's terribly rude. I asked him a question about the f/w wallets and he just walked away. :wtf:
  13. Wow...thats crazy!!!! :s
  14. if i were to get a prada luggage, it would have to be in black and in nylon, easy to maintain in the long run. i have seen some really nice big duffles in jacquard, price is alittle hefty though.
  15. I have a Prada black nylon wheely luggage... I've had it for YEARS... I really love it. It's sturdy yet light weight because it's a nylon luggage. I ALWAYS use mine when I travel, which is all the time. I also have a nylon duffle, which is already awesome due to how light it is. I have a LV duffle and NEVER use it because the bag, even when empty, is super heavy. I totally recommen you getting the Prada luggage.