Prada Logo Tote $390 @NM

  1. Still there...someone take it!
  2. How DO you find these sales? When I click on NM, this handbag doesn't even come up! Please tell me! And thanks for the tip!
  3. It's gone!
  4. Is it just me or does Neiman's website make it hard to find sale items of a particular brand? I just entered "Prada" in the "search sale" box after I click "sale and values" and it just kicks me to the main Prada page for NM.
  5.'s gone. and yes i agree, Neimans makes it really annoying to find the sale things....
  6. I had the catalogue number of the bag since I bought this bag before. It seems like their premier designer bag are not searchable on their sale page anymore. I know that they make Chanel bags unsearchable on their web page unless you have the catalogue number of the item that you are looking for.
    BTW, I just ordered a YSL muse bag at 50% off by plugging in its catalogue number.:yahoo:
  7. Awww it's gone!!
  8. It is back.
  9. Yeah it's back I love the handles on it!!!
  10. yea take it!

  11. Is it possible that you could post the catalogue number of your YSL muse bag??
  12. Never mind....I think I know which one.
  13. gone again! :sad:
  14. Agree with that!