Prada listed as one of top 5 shows for fall-winter

  1. I was watching a television show on fall-winter 2006 fashion, and the show ended by ranking the major collections and listing the 5 best and most influential for the season. The list included Balenciaga, Proenza Schuler, Alexander McQueen, Gucci (under that new woman designer), and Prada.

    Prada was praised for being the main push behind the whole movement away from ladylike fashion -- as always (the programme stated), the fashion house is very influential and forward-looking.

    Anyway!! I sometimes think that Prada doesn't receive enough recognition, on this forum, for the innovative nature of its couture -- all of which trickles down into the ready-to-wear and, of course, the wonderful accessories!!
  2. I'm jaded, but seems the more publicity they get the higher their prices go. I love Prada bags, probably always will but I'm not going to be taken advantage of just to have a Prada on my shoulder.....
  3. Thanks for posting this melisande! I agree that Prada is quite innovative and doesn't receive enough recognition on for that on TPF. However, I think this season's collection made people who typically weren't attracted to Prada take notice. :heart:
  4. I think ALL the Prada is TDF for this year..I bought A coat, bags...belts..and I love them all..NO REGRETS here!Worth every penny!