Prada Linea Rossa, anyone??

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  1. What are your thoughts?

    I've bought some Prada shoes here and there, but have always considered the Linea Rossa line more comfortable (and affordable!) just from trying them. Well, I was roaming through the Nordstrom's shoe salon today and came across a cute albeit somewhat quirky pair of sneaker flats. I loved them so much I ordered a pair after trying it on! I paid full retail for these, so I want to make sure they last!
    (link from Saks)

    What do you all think? Quality? Style? it seems these have much more support than normal flats, which is huge for me - I usually stick with Cole Haan for this reason!!
  2. Honestly, I would never buy them. Not even for $50.
  3. The style I posted, or the brand in general??
  4. I like the brand because they are soooooooooooo comfortable! However, I don't like the style but, it is your preference so I say go for it!
  5. i LOVE prada linea rossa stuff! their shoes are unbelievably comfortable. i think why people are hesitant on this particular style is because most ppl don't wear sneakers on a daily basis (it's not exactly a very fashionable style in general). have you checked out their ballet flats? they're super cute - i think they have black with gold toe, silver, red etc etc.

    The second one kinda has a loafer feel but I still like it better than sneakers...
  6. I have shoes from Prada Linea Rossa that are still going strong after many years.

    I don't find myself wearing sneakers but when I do, I always pull out my Prada shoes. They are very comfortable. Even if I'm dressing own, I still want to do so in style, KWIM? :tup:
  7. I also love this line and have many different styles for different occasions. They are all super comfy! This style I would use for traveling or for walking to and from work.
  8. This specific shoe.:yes:
  9. I've tried on some shoes and they really fit nicely and comfy. I like the style you posted. I wouldn't wear them with dresses, minis, or anything formal though.
  10. I think it's a cute sneaker & have Prada driving shoes & pair of silver flats but never tried the linea rossa - im sure its a very comfortable line, if you like them then go for it - like others have suggested i think it would be cute to commute in or run around when you are not in the mood for real "sneakers" :yes:
  11. I heart the linea rossa line. I have a pair of leather ballet flats and love them. Worn many times and doesnt' even show wear! Prada shoes in general are very well made, IMO.
  12. i do not like those but if you like them go for it. i personally hate linea rossa though.
  13. I have some linea rossa mary janes with a very slight wedge heel. They're very comfortable and I got them on sale. They have a slightly squared toe but they hardly show any wear. I'm not a fan of the sneaker style, though.
  14. I have just one pair of the Linea Rossa high heels and they are amazingly comfortable, I keep watching for sales and will snap more up, if they become available.

    The shoes you showed would be very cute with a casual outfit. It seems that they are elasticized and so what they look like with a foot in them may be very different.

    I wish you well,

  15. I love prada linea rosa line since they are so comfy and my feet are super picky with shoes....however..i've never purchased the flats
    These are my shoes :