Prada LG phone

  1. Has any bought the Prada phone? I just got one. It's a beauty, similar but much nicer than the iPhone IMHO, plus it comes with a saffiano leather case. I love the touch screen.
  2. I´ve had it for a while, and i like it so far..
  3. Would love to see pics of it......... *hint, hint*
  4. Are they available in the US? What carrier has them? How do I get one other than from eBay?
  5. nope, not available in the US. my boyfriend works for Tmobile and just told me that as he is sitting next to me. You can buy it and use it here, but gotta get it from Asia. He works at one of the Chinese phone stores that go through Tmobile, and they actually do carry it there. It is a nice phone.

    hM, take a trip to Asia and buy it =D just kidding.
  6. However, its not 3G enabled.
  7. I got mine off a seller in the UK; I have seen them here in Canada and it works with our Rogers network; I don't know which is the equivant network in the US. The UK seller is reliable and I got mine for about half the price they sell in Canada (about $1200CDN). You just need to get a different charger if you buy from the UK since their plugs are different, but you can just get it from and LG carrier.
  8. Congratulations, I would love to have one.
  9. My friend got one from overseas and lent it to me for a few days. She's v sweet.

    V futuristic looking and thin

    Very wow! Everyone at my workplace absolutely love it!

    The leather casing is sweet. But its not the usual smoshy leather.

    The sound effects of the phone is v Prada-ish!

    The back of the phone is very prone to scratches, like a ipod. And the leather casing will scratch it.

    Battery life is quite poor.

    It is very very difficult to do texting. It took me forever to send a message to my friend. Scrolling through my long contacts is another nightmare.

    As mentioned before, not 3G.

    Overall, its a pretty little thing. But sending messages is her Achilles Heel
  10. oooooh i want!
  11. I'm getting mine this Wednesday, woohoo!
  12. ^^ You won't regret it!! I Just got mine and it is such a beautiful little thing!! LOVES~!! :heart:
  13. Yes, I was shocked to receive it this AM. The eBay seller shipped it overnight to me!! Woohoo! It's a gorgeous looking little gadget! I love it! :smile:
  14. Verizon Wireless is getting the prada just just have to wait =]