Prada Leopard Print Bowler

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  1. Does anyone own this bag and has seen this bag on the second markdown?

    What do you think about this bag?
  2. It's definitely out there on sale at the department stores -- I think the fur is pretty fragile and prone to quick spot wear.
  3. What stores in particular?
  4. any pictures?
  5. NM had the purse and I saw one in Short Hills last week or the week before ... did not check the price.
  6. I would NOT touch anything made of calfhair. It's so fragile and totally impossible to maintain.
  7. What do you mean, will it be hard to clean. I was thinking about putting a coating over it.
  8. The bag is beautiful, but unless the corners are protected with leather (which this style is not), you will soon see the bald spots that always come with calfhair.
    I agree with PP.
    Love the calfhair, but balding is inevitable.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I will return it once it arrives.