Prada Leopard Large Bowler

  1. ok...i tried to keep telling myself i was over prada [personal convictions that i won't discuss here] but there's no denying that prada does a nice leather good, and they keep trying to suck me in.

    the leopard large bowler is 14x17x7" and is $2,970


  2. I saw that in person and it is HUGE -- more like an overnight bag.
  3. Brian, I like (and own) some Prada bags, particularly the Gauffres. But this looks like a ripoff of the YSL Muse--plus strap, and cheesy spots! :nogood:

    For god's sake, just buy yourself the YSL Downtown already. You've been talking about it for seven months. You know you want it! :p
  4. ^ i know i know.... so indecisive... :p

    i can see what you mean about the muse shape of the prada
    but i think i'm leaning more towards it than the downtown.
    this would be such an awesome carry on!!
    and it's basically the same size of the nightingale [when "slouched"]
    so i know it's fine in that regard.
  5. ^^^Well, good luck whatever you decide. That Prada's a pretty bold bag, but if you think you could rock it, go for it. :rochard:

    It looks in the pic like the bag is made of fabric, but for $2,970, it must be haircalf or something, huh???
  6. Don't know why Prada is copying YSL. I would rather buy the muse than get a look alike.
  7. Agreed. Prada can come up with great designs on it's own. Why copy YSL :rolleyes:. And the Muse is cheaper.
  8. i don't see how this is muse like other than the fact that it's dome shaped. it's a bowler bag, and prada has been making this shape for years.
  9. yeah, it's calf hair... :heart:

    this would definitely be my first fur bag :p
  10. I've never had a calf hair bag either. I worry a little about the hair "balding," as some tPFers have said can happen.