prada leather

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  1. I would like to get my first prada (or miu miu), but am a little rough on my bags. I would want brown, tan, grey, or red. Which leather would you suggest or stay away from? I want something that will hold up. TIA
  2. I just got a Vitello Daino satchel...fine grained leather. Seems fairly durable, but I haven't used it that much. I also have the Animalier Dragon in deerskin. Gorgeous bag but I have to be careful because the deerskin scratches easily. I have a Prada wallet, saffiano leather which has worn like iron. The nylon/leather style Prada probably wears the best. Have fun with your hunt!
  3. I agree with skyqueen. I have taken my prada nylon tote to work bazillions of time, on planes, hotels, everywhere it's held up perfectly. The nylon/leather combo is so easy to clean and really difficult to screw up. If you want an all leather bag-regardless of color, I would suggest finding a textured leather (like a vintage finish, or a croc embossing) so the scratches aren't noticeable. I would also suggest you stay away from lambskin because any unwanted touch leaves a mark on the perfect butterly skin.
  4. Saffiano leather is basically like the toughest leather I have ever used, but it is very structured and I do prefer more soft, smooth or grained leathers.
  5. what about the 2 toned glazed calf skin? in "smoke" it looks so pretty in pics
  6. Durable leather, delicate treatment on the finish. It scratches up very easily.

    Stick to a plain leather, solid color. Prada has problems with most of their specialty finishes.
  7. ^^ PP you are so knowledgeable what would we ever do without you!?!?!?!?
  8. Compliments are nice, Emmy, but cash works for me. :graucho:


    Teasing, of course. ;)
  9. Most durable of course is Nylon, but if you're going to spend that much on Nylon I say go for the woven or pleated ones that show off the fabulousness of Prada. If you're going leather, then pebbled calfskin is more durable that any of the glazed or metallic deerskins. In general I think the metallics seem more delicate, but I've never kept one long enough to see! Also, check out the solid patents or the chevron patents from previous seasons - you can find them on Bluefly and overstock - they are durable and wear great. I would caution against the patents that came out a few seasons ago that graduated in color - can't remember what they were called, but they all seemed to bleed.
  10. thanks for all the good advice!