Prada Leather Calfskin From Saks Off Fifth

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  1. Hi, I bought a Prada bag at Saks today. The style number is BR1594. The tag says that it originally was $1000+ and was selling for $696...I used a 30% of coupon and bought it for $479. Did I make a mistake-is this too much for this Prada bag, as I know it's older? TIA!:yes:

    Here's an idea of what it looks like-although this is a fake from Designers Imports. I bought it in the red color-ruscatto. Did I make a good buy-or did I pay too much, because I can return it within 30 days!
  2. U need to post an ACTUAL photo..I cant tell from that one
  3. I don't have a digital camera here-this is the style though. I'm only curious whether it was too much to pay. The envelope and both cards were inside the bag. I wouldn't expect Saks to sell fakes.:confused1:
  4. I cant tell from that pic.......Do u have a camera phone?
  5. Are you trying to authenticate it? No, I don't have a camera phone and my son isn't here with his or the digital camera. I thought maybe one of you would know if that's a reasonable price. Thanks for trying to help me out-wish that I could post a better picture!
  6. Im actually not sure what syle bag that is..LOL.its a bad fake pic..So I couldnt tell ya with out really seeing it....U can Pm me anytime when u get the pics..Ill give ya my opinion anytime!
  7. PS.....any Prada bag under 500 is A GREAT deal these days..Ive been paying over 2 thousand per bag..LMAO..UGH
  8. It was a great buy, but my only issue with it is that the style IS faked so often. This is just me, but even if I saw a bag at NM, Saks, BG or a Prada boutique itself, even if the price were great, if it's a style that's faked a lot I just don't want it.

    Edit note: if you got it at a Saks Off Fifth you should get it authenticated. Off Fifth has been getting in a lot of bait/switched bags lately and this style is one of them!!

  9. How do I get it authenticated? It had the envelope inside with the two cards, and the Prada brown envelope. Do I take it to the regular Saks?:confused1: I can tell you that the lather is very soft and supple-unlike some of the fakes that I've seen.
  10. ^^^It MAY be real. I'm just saying that Off Fifth has also been victim of bait/switch. Since it's Off Fifth vs. regular Saks, my guess is the sales associates don't know that much about any particular designer's line and blindly take returns not knowing if it's fake or not. I saw one bag (not this style, another) that someone on eBay was selling as authentic b/c it came from Off Fifth. The Off Fifth tag had the wrong color and style number for that bag and knowing that style very well, I knew it was a fake anyway.

    Your best bet is to get some photos taken as was suggested above. At least let us look at it here. Your other option is to send photos or the bag itself to They usually do LV bags, but they do other designers as well. There is a fee, but its worth the peace of mind. I've used them before and been very satisfied.
  11. Thanks, but do you think the people at the regular Saks store could authenticate it? I am on my way to Phipps today and wonder if they'd be able to tell me.:confused1:
  12. You could try I guess. All they can do is say no.
    Most stores aren't allowed to authenticate, but I don't know about Saks.
  13. I saw that style in Red and Brown at Off Fifth. So I know they were carrying those bags at about $600 a month ago, I think you got a good deal.
  14. OK, I took it to Saks at Phipps Plaza and the Prada salesperson said that it's real after looking at it-it was the precurser bag to the one with the two side pockets and the flap. She showed me by comparing it to the newer model of this old style. The Prada metal plaque is on the side on mine. Due to the side pockets being there in the newer handbags-they moved the plaque to the center front flap. Thanks for all of your help-I appreciate it!:yahoo:
  15. Hi, I've seen the same bag at the Off Saks here in Northern CA. It's a nice bag. Enjoy it.