Prada Leather Bag...keep It?

  1. So, lunch break I hop onto NM Online. It's like Christmas all over again because so many things have been returned and their whole inventory has changed.

    I see this Prada bag and I immediately buy it. I would rather have it in black just b/c that's my default color lol, but I think the camel is also very pretty. So, do I keep it or let it go? I spoke w/ the Live Chat people and it's a discontinued item so I got the last one.

    Does anybody have it? What are your thoughts? Oh, and it was a great deal from $1100 to $548!

    Prada Leather Bag.jpg
  2. Its very pretty but I am like you - I can't keep away from the black LOL!

    Would it go with your wardrobe? Are you just buying it because it is a steal (I have done that before) Will you use it?:smile:
  3. I have bags in all sorts of colors, but this would be my first true camel color. I have a Chloe Paddington in a sand color (basically a tan/beige). I use it quite a bit b/c it's a great neutral.

    I just have always loved this Prada bag, but was being good because it was still $1100, but then it popped up for half off and I couldn't resist anymore. LOL

    I see myself definitely using it in my rotation of bags. I see my Mom also borrowing it!

    But, yes this wouldn't even be a question if it was my favorite black. LMAO
  4. I say if you're going to get good use out of it, then it's a great score for you! But the doubts that you're having already tell me you're not 100% for it. Maybe you're just on the "high" of buying a Prada at such a low price. If so and it dies down,then I'd say return it and use that money toward a black bag that you HAVE to get!
  5. I love the bag for sure. My bank account is just not loving yet another purchase. I was supposed to stop this past Friday and yet I have continued to buy more things each day since then! LOL

    I went digging in the closet though and found some things to sell in addition to some medical licensure exam review books, so if somebody alone buys those, I'm set. HAHAHA

  6. Thank you so much! It was great to see the pics of the bag IRL. K, now I'm convinced that it's a keeper for sure and I don't even have it yet. HAHA NM has been taking forever these days to process items. I'm still waiting on shipments that were placed nearly 2 weeks ago! NM, Saks, etc need to start showing more photos from different angles. I bet they would sell more. LOL

    BUT, :heart::heart::heart: the bag. That teak is gorgeous too! K, I'm excited now for this bag...hehe

    Thanks again!

  7. I am glad you are keeping it.
  8. Sure thing. It looks so stiff and frankly, BORING in that stock shot. If you're a smooshy leather lover, you'll be all over this bag.

    Also, I don't know if you have this issue, but I have sloping shoulders and it's a pain finding bags that SIT on my shoulder. No problems with this one. Frankly no problem with any of my Pradas. I think that's one of my many reasons for loving Prada, second only to the smell of the leather! Ahhhhhh...... :tender:
  9. I agree. That's why I had hesitated initially b/c that stock photo was not doing the bag justice! It looked very nice in the black, but I have also seen the black IRL. After seeing your photos, I'm definitely in love with the bag now. Plus, that camel color should be a great addition to my collection.

    I just get bothered in general with bags that don't want to stay on my shoulders! LOL Or, straps that dig into them for that matter!

    I'm a big Prada fan too. It's been about a year since I bought a new Prada bag so I was due. :supacool: