Prada lace bag - classic?

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  1. i have recently fallen in love with the cervo lux lace bowler bag which nicole kidman and hilary duff have been using. i was wondering if this style of bag is going to be a classic or its going to be dated after a few months? i saw it in a shop and its half price - its even more beautiful in more real life. just want to know if it can be a classic as its still expensive even in the sale.

  2. eek...jmho but I don't think so..I am not a fan of the lace bags and they weren't as big a 'hit' as the gauffre bags..I would guess that they wouldn't be considered a classic..but don't take what I say..let's see what others have to say here..
  3. Pekie~ isn't the cervo lux lace extraordinary?

    I think that the lace bag can be a classic bag if you want it to be! To me, the lace feels very historical. So I could have seen Jackie O carrying that bag in the 1960's, and I could see someone today (like Nicole Kidman) carrying the bag, and heck, 20-30 years from now I can see some gorgeous celebrity rocking the same lace bag!

    The lace feels timeless to me, but it's all about you! If you think you will carry it through the years, then you will have made it a classic piece :heart:
  4. the lace is not really in-your-face trendy, like shiny LV miroir or graffiti, where you can pretty much pinpoint what period/season a certain piece is from. lace is much more subtle and elegant. i still wouldn't call it one of the prada classics though, because to me a "classic" of a certain brand means it's instantly recognizable as a core style of that brand because it has endured throughout time, like the speedy (sorry, don't know why all these LV examples are coming to mind). however, it can certainly be a classic bag in its own right. if you love it, get it.