Prada Jewelry! IN LOVE!!

  1. My first prada jewely is finally into my hands!
    I got this fm Milan and SA said this is the last one in Italy!! While im deciding, there were 4 ppl asking for this!! So how can i pass on this beauty!!

    Here is the reveal!!

    Boxing is cute already ^^



    Here she is!!
    Prada Bracelet Rose Jewels Ivory *heart*



    Love the bling bling!




    Thx for letting me share and hope u enjoyed :biggrin:
  2. Beautiful! Looks awesome on your wrist! I'm sure you'll have loads of wear out of it.
  3. lovely
  4. That is stunning!
  5. Oh my, I LOVE that and it looks super on you!!!!!!!!
  6. Gorgeous piece! Congrats! Do you mind if I ask you how much? I'm tempted to hunt one down for myself.
  7. That's amazing. I love it when something is limited edition. Do they have it in any other colors? I would get one for my mom she loves roses.
  8. Beautiful bracelet! It looks terrific on your wrist too. :smile: Congrats!