Prada is the best thing I ever got !

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  1. Hi, I recently got a prada black nylon messenger bag and used it for a trip to London. We went by coach so my bag was allover the place, on the floor, on the shelves and it even got coke allover it. Then I just wiped it down and it looked amazing again :nuts:. When I had my LV keepall, I put it on the floor in the airport and it gets dirty the dirt didnt come off. PRADA is a god send and I will be getting more nylons...there the best thing ever and will last a life time. Ive never had so much compliments over a bag...even not LV.
  2. Sounds really nice!!!!

    Im a Prada Nylon fan too!!!! Especially the duffle bag for weekend travels....I just got one and it is so light and worry free!!!!:yahoo:

    I also considered LV luggage like the keepall, carryall, etc...they all seemed not comfortable enough for travel even though LV is the know for their travel pieces....:shrugs:

    After the duffle, I am searching for a wheeled luggage to add. Its just perfect for travel with nor worries for cleaning!!!!!:yes:

    The nylon pieces are truely awesome!!!! So functional and durable...its the one I count on in bad weather or travels.....Im in love!!!!!!:love:
  3. prada nylon..... :nuts:
  4. totally agreed
    i use a prada messenger for school everyday. it gets thrown around, dirty, stained, etc., and all it needs is a quick wipe and looks brand new!