Prada iPOD cases

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  1. Do they exist? I saw some on a website? I wasn't sure if they were real?
  2. Yes they do exist....I've seen them at Saks and NM but if they were on a website they could be fake...what's the site? Someone here will be able to tell you if they sell authentic. :smile:
  3. the website is DESIGNER HANDBAGS Prada Handbag ~ Prada Purse ~ Prada Handbags. I was actually looking at another bag on there and saw the iPod case. Hadn't seen one before, so wanted to make sure the site didn't sale fakes. Has anyone ever bought from here?

    Thanks brian!- has a better deal on them:smile:
  4. ^ hwh, that site is all fakes......
  5. Get one at Saks,NM or the Prada store directly
  6. Thanks brian!!!!