Prada in Portland, Oregon?

  1. Hi Guys! It's my first time here at the Prada thread and I'm sorry if my question is in the wrong thread/location. Do you guys know where I can buy Prada in Portland, Oregon? I will be going there on a business trip and I want to buy my first Prada there since it's tax free there.

    I called Nordstrom but they don't carry Prada there, and there seems to be no NM or Saks in Portland. Do you guys know where I can buy Prada there?

    Thanks thanks! :smile:
  2. There was a Saks there until they closed down within the last year or two. What are you looking for? If Mario's is still there, you could try them. I would probably call a store in Portland, have them order the item for you, then pick it up in the store. They do that for residents, no reason why that wouldn't apply to business travelers.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I will try and check out Mario's. :smile: