1. Ok My fellow Prada gals and guys...

    Where do I go to get the very best Prada selection in Paris???LMK....I know where the Prada MIUMIU store is..but there are other places that carry them too..All help is greatly appreciated..and I shall make you all proud with my shopping...LMAO!
  2. ^ I haven't a clue, but I can't wait to see what you come back with! Have a safe and incredible trip!!
  3. ^Thanks..I cant wait...

    PHH is TERRIFIED...LMAO!!He cant even supervise my shopping as he wont be there!!!LOLOLOLOL!
  4. the colored nylon gauffre bags are so cute - I hope you find one!
  5. ^ME TOO! DYING to get one!!! two..LOLOL!
  6. So many colors - it will be hard to decide. If you don't find one you will have to contact Sada as soon as you get back!
  7. I'm sure you can find anything you're looking for at the Galeries Lafayette...ooh Jill I'm so jealous!! make us proud!! I'm sure PHH will be having sleepless nights

    edit: I just checked the website and look!
    For an exclusive sneak peak at this season’s fashion

    Attend our free weekly fashion show, Fridays at 3PM on the 7th floor of the main Haussmann store in the Salon Opéra, presented by a team of 6 professional models who show off the latest trends by the most famous designer and couturier collections. This 30 minute presentation requires reservations and includes a commentary done in English. Make your reservation by , or call +33 1 42 82 36 40
    a Parisian fashion show! (almost
  8. ^mu..ha..ha..ha..ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hi jill, i find the actual prada stores to have the best selections over the department stores. i find the dept. stores have limited selections... the prada on ave montaigne is a MUST! and wait till you see the rest of the stores on the block!! LOL , also there are 2 small pradas next to each other in the 6th arrondisement and also a prada near gucci in the st honore area.:heart:
  10. ^Thanks!
  11. Im leaving TOMORROW FOR PARIS!
    Have fun guys...see ya TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!
  12. Have a great time there Jill. The forum is not the same without you, we will miss you. Can't wait til you come back.
  13. Have a great trip Jill!!!! :flowers: Bring home tons of goodies for us to drool over!! :drool: :love:
  14. I am anxious to hear about the trip!
  15. Well....The new Prada hadnt come in yet in Paris..The only bags they had I already owned!!LOL!
    They said they thought the new bags may come in the DAY AFTER I WAS LEAVING PARIS!!!LOL!>WHAT BAD LUCK!

    I managed to get Gucci,Chanel,LV and Dior bags though!!LOL!