Prada in Italy Vs Paris

  1. Hi there,

    I am going to Paris end June and Milan Jul 2 - 4. I will miss the sales in Milan which starts July 7. Does anyone know if Italian brands like Prada would be same price in Italy as in France? I am thinking if Paris is on sales then I might as well buy Prada...etc. in Paris...

    Any tips?
  2. i am assuming since prada is italian, that it is better in italy? but not sure if sale is on. there is always the outlet outside of florence...?
  3. you should check out my blog...i wrote about my shopping trip to paris earlier on in the year. i actually got my prada for a good price at the dept store. i found it to be cheaper in france for some reason...:smile:
  4. I live in Italy and I can say thet "for some strange reasons" Coffers don't go on sale becouse they say that they are "continuous" models. I don't know if the same policy applies to the Miu Miu brand shop in Milan.
    Second: normally shops reserve a 15% discout anytime during the year to their devoted customers. This happens to me in my local Prada shop, but if I go elsewhere I'm not known they propose me full price. This happens to my girlfriends too in other main italian cities.
    Devoted customers are on a "mailing list" so thet we can access to sale prices in the week immediately before official sale. This means that aficionados often assault dicounted bags before others... I got a 40% discount on a Marc Jacobs 2 weeks before 6th january (date for official winter sale).
    This is a kind of consideration treatment to best customers....some might call it "italian way".
    And I'm not saying this happens everywhere but it is common.
    My suggestion is: call the italian store before coming to Italy and ask for the price. Then compare it to the french price.
    Have a good shopping weekend!