Prada in Action

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  1. Hi all, do we have already have a Prada in action thread for us to post whatever Prada we are wearing out and about???

    I just came here to post pics of the new Prada summer dress I bought and wrot last when's, but I couldn't find an action thread to post it in!
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  2. I am a Prada newbie and I would love to know this answer also!!!! Every forum is different and so far I've got the LV and Gucci down to a science and hopefully Prada will be next. Anyone know this answer?? Anyone????
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  3. Prada vela, all loaded up and ready to go. :smile:

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  4. I’m all game for this Prada in action thread! :biggrin:
  5. Show us your lovely Prada dress.
  6. @anasanfran @Johnpauliegal Okay, we'll make this the Prada Action thread then!

    Here is the blue Prada dress I bought this summer and wore to a friend's wedding :heart:

    I adore this dress - I think it's such a gem! When I first saw it I fell in love, but couldn't initially justify the purchase, since I wasn't sure when I'd wear it. Then I got invited to a wedding and used that as justification :biggrin:. I hope I will wear it again and again in the years to come!

    (I just realized my first post above has terrible incoherent typos -- whoopsie! Sorry about that!)

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  7. Thank you for kicking us off!
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  8. Sweetheart you look beautiful!! :smile:
    (I don't own any Prada clothing!) I love it! Beautiful dress!
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  9. Thank you so much! This was my first Prada purchase, actually!
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  10. Prada (spotted) in action. Do you have a thread for these?
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  11. So Italian Roman empire love the pleats.
  12. 2011: Out for a stroll on the beach with my girls.

    2018 Chilling with DH at Christmas in Southport.

    2010: Headed up into the skies in the Carolina Belle biplane (If you've seen Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, this is the plane in the movie). The gent next to me is the pilot Jim Banky.

    Also wearing a Prada belt, Hermes scarf and my LV Dahlia sunnies.

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  13. My new Prada tote on its first day out. :heart:

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  14. My Prada bag happens to be my very first luxury purchase ever, and has quite a unique story behind her:heart:

    I bought this bag about 5 or 6 years ago from the pre-loved marked. At that point I did not own any luxury/designer items as I mentioned, and wasn’t really into it either so I got this bag for a really cheap price while being totally uncritical of it’s authenticity. It didn’t come with anything besides a authenticity card (that wasn’t stamped or anything, just had the model# and colour code) and a Prada dust bag, so I actually bought it believing it was fake at that time:-s

    About 6-12 months later I started to get interested in authentic designer items, and this bag got stuffed away in my closet and forgotten while I started to grow my collection of authentic luxury/designer goods instead.. It wasn’t until earlier this month(!) I suddenly remembered her and started to wonder whether she was authentic or not, so I got her out and sent pictures to Authenticate4U to get it evaluated. And to my big surprise, she was confirmed authentic!! So while being the oldest bag in my collection, she’s still the most recent member of it!
    This is also the reason why I’ve got no «in action» photos of her yet, but here’s the only «modeling pic» I’ve got with her so far:smile: 2BDD50F7-7866-452D-9CE0-AEF685EFED05.jpeg
  15. Lovely... looks like something I would buy :flowers:
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