Prada Help, PLEASE!!!

  1. My drug of choice is usually Louis Vuitton, but right now I want a Prada. (Saw Meryl Streep carrying one in the trailer for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) and I want a Bauleto. What should I be looking for in an authentic Prada. I have never owned any, so I am totally new, Do you think I can find one on EBAY? Or should I just go the retail route. Be warned, I live in HICKSVILLE, USA so the closest shopping meccas are probably 2 hours away...
  2. You could find authentic Prada on eBay but there are a lot of fakes out there that you have to make sure they're a great seller and that they won't do any bait and switch. Have you tried purchasing the bag form or (just make sure the seller is and not third party sellers cause some third party sellers on Amazon sell replicas)?
  3. post pics here and i can authenticate for you... ;)
  4. Sorry Brian- no pics to post. No bags yet!!!
    Kathyrose- thanks for the ideas for bluefly and Amazon. I'll go over there and have some looks... Cross you fingers for me!!
  5. I live in Prada and have dozens of their bags..Feel free to PM me to authenticate..Which one are you looking for..I will look for it....(PIC?!)
  6. Prada must be silently celebrating right now...when that movie comes out, sales will probably go through the roof! I wonder if they sent a gift already to the author?!...I would!
  7. I read that a great number of designers refused to cooperate with the stylists. I think it was in USWeekly.