Prada Hawaii price decrease from Joanna!


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Prada Hawaii is decreasing their prices! Awesome news!!!!!:yahoo:

Just got an email from Joanna:

Today we received a price change list, and each year I'm always sad to announce when its a price increase... but I'm happy to announce that we have a price decrease at Prada Hawaii! All the major groups have gone down in price: Nappa Gaufre, Tessuto Gaufre, Nylon Jacquard+Nappa, Saffiano Lux, Soft Calf, Vit Daino, and Vit Shine! Here are some of the price changes, just for example:

Nappa Gaufre BN1407: Old $2250, New $1835
Nappa Gaufre BN1336: Old $2350, New $1835 (yes, same price!)
Nappa Gaufre BN1789: Old $2065, New $1465 (woo hoo, huge drop!!)
Saffiano Lux BN1786: Old $1525, New $1255
Saffiano Lux BN1844: Old $1410, New $1220
Tessuto Gaufre BN1407: Old $1125, New $1065
Tessuto Gaufre BN1336: Old $1210, New $1180
Vit Daino BR4311: Old $1025, New $800 (woo hoo!)
Vit Daino BN1713: Old $1210, New $1170
Vit Daino BR4393: Old $1495, New $1250
Vit Shine BL0678: Old $1640, New $1170 (woo hoo!!)

These are a few examples of price decreases, many many more bags went down today! I am working on changing the prices on all my bag pics so please bare with me! Please let me know if you have any further questions, thank you!


Nov 23, 2008
Victoria, Canada
Ya, I was soooo surprised to get the email this morning! It definitely makes me think about getting the gaufre. Have to figure out a way to sneak it by DH bc he has banned me! :graucho:

Just out of this unique to Hawaii or does that mean other boutiques are going to decrease their prices as well? Is Hawaii the cheapest in the states?


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Aug 16, 2008
This is an amazingly refreshing thread given what appears to be a short run with Chanel. Their price hikes are outpacing their quality (IMO).

I've got my purse-fund up enough to get a guafre if Prada ever makes a black one with SHW! Please Prada Gods... Are you listening? :smile:


Aug 2, 2006
Syracuse , New York
I know...I was surprised when I opened her email...some of these prices REALLY went down...Hawaii is cheaper..I'm curious too as too the price this a sale or a change in current pricing? Is Prada having a bad year lol?! It wouldn't surprise me with some of their bags they've been putting out lately!!!


Aug 14, 2007
Anyone else remember last year/or last spring, they lowered the prices and a couple of weeks later they went back up again.