Prada has made a fan out of me! Unbelievably comfy!

  1. I bought 2 pairs of Prada shoes on almost a whim during the Saks sale frenzy. They were just so cheap I couldn't resist. They came today, and as soon as I slipped them on, I was in awe. How can shoes that look this cute and have this heel height be this comfortable?? I felt like I was wearing sneakers, literally. I know people say that a lot about Louboutins, esp the simple pump (which i own), but no Louboutins I own or have ever tried on come even CLOSE to the comfort level of these Pradas. Sure, Pradas aren't as sexy, but after so many uncomfy CLs, they're a refreshing change for my feet.

    I've always been gung-ho about comfortable yet cute shoes. I've tried Tods, Dior Gaucho ballerina flats, Tory Burch Revas, and a bunch of other flats...but none of them compare in comfort to these high heeled Pradas! I feel like I've finally found a pair I can stand hours in the subway in! Okay, I'll stop raving now and post pictures :p


  2. I love Prada. I have to size 1 size up in them, but they are comfy!
  3. i've noticed that prada shoes are more comfortable than usual for 2007 f/w collection, because i bought 2 pairs too. whoever is their current designer, keep it up. i see some nice shoes for spring too.
  4. Nice buys! I would love to hear about the deals that you got on those shoes, I am sure they were a steal since there were some great prices on the first day of the Saks 2nd markdown.

    I agree, Pradas are incredibly comfortable.
  5. thanks guys! the pumps were around $120 i think, and the booties were around $170. i consider those steals, considering how much i love em!!
  6. they both look fabulous, and what bargains! i'm all in favour for comfy shoes :tup:
  7. ITA - Pradas are THE most comfortable dressy shoes. I can only wear flats. I love the rubber bottomed Prada loafers and other flats. They are the best. I'm still waiting for my Saks package to arrive. Enjoy your Pradas in good health!
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    i have these booties!!! i was also suprised by how comfortable they are - i wear them all the time
  9. Hot hot hot!!! Yes, pradas are SO comfy. Take it from someone with wide feet....they are cut a little more generous and I am truly grateful!

    Enjoy your gorgeous Prada haul!
  10. which saks did you go to to get them so cheap?? i think i paid around 585...
  11. I agree, I have always thought Prada makes the most comfortable high end shoes ever! And you can usually get some on sale!
  12. i actually got lucky, because i happened to be surfing sale online around midnight of the 24th, and at exactly 12:01 all the prices suddenly dropped an additional 50% off....and i went straight to the ones i had been eyeing and grabbed em all up :yahoo: I also grabbed up a few pairs of louboutins but they ...are not comfortable. :sad:
  13. I've been buying Prada shoes for years and currently have about 10 pairs in my collection. They are definitely go to shoes when I need to walk a lot. They are so sturdy and the leather hardly needs breaking in. DH also has a large Prada shoe collection. The best was this past year when we went to the private sale and got all kinds of shoes for 40% off!
  14. I LOVE them! Especially the booties! Congrats on great purchases.