Prada Grommet bag

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  1. I remember seeing someone carrying this bag ages ago and I quite fancy one. When were they made? Is the leather soft or hard? Does anyone have one? Are they totally out now? Does anyone have any pics of one?
  2. Oh i would love to see pics aswell.
  3. They made it in leather and was several years ago...hard to find..look on eBay?
  4. I've seen them at NM Last call outlets....I think San Marcos, TX has a brown suede one now.
  5. Thanks guys. Do they always have a clochette on them?
  6. :yahoo:I look at this forum almost everyday for 6 mos, but never wrote a reply, or even have an icon for myself. But because I was just looking at the website "Ann's Fabulous Finds", had to let you know that they have a Prada black grommet bag.

  7. There's a brown suede grommet bag on right now.
  8. The bags are heavy, just so you know if you're going to order it via mail. All those little grommets weigh quite a bit. I was very surprised when I picked one up in a Neimans. Bluefly has had the nylon and leather flap grommets in many colors and sizes lately.
  9. Does anyone have this bag? I'd love to see modeling pics for size reference.
  10. I ordered the small framed version in nylon from Bluefly. It was teeny-tiny and back it went. The bag was really cool, but would have had to be double the size to have been useful for me. It should show back up on the site in a week or so.