Prada - grey ombré patent laptop case

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  1. Anybody seen this Prada in person? And, if so, what were your impressions of it? I'm thinking of buying one. I know some people don't like the colour gradient patent leather look. But, I think this bag is way hot!

  2. Oh I like it! I prefer the non-glacé though but love the gradient! Go for it!
  3. wow...wish I hadnt seen this..NOW I want one!!LOL!
  4. cute! I've never seen that one. I'd go for it.

    I ordered my first gradient once the sale started but I didnt go with patent. I'm thinking about snatching one a patent ombre handbag too since you really cant beat the prices.
  5. The gradient is awesome!
  6. I had that in my Bluefly shopping cart for an hour the other day -- asked my husband if he wanted it as it felt big for me and he said no. I'm starting to get over the bag in my avatar too -- maybe as I got so much patent this fall already ....
  7. I saw it, and you'' love it. Reason we don't see it much, cuz it was sold as man's bag. Saw it at Prada Chicago and it was displayed for men. :tup::tup:
  8. Groovy! I think I'll go for it. By the way, I am a man and something like this suits my style. I'm not really into totes, clutches or bags that look a little bit too much like a purse for my liking. Yeah, I know a lot of guys in Europe use those sort of bags without getting gay-bashed. However, I don't live in Europe, and while I'm secure in my sexuality, I'd still rather not carry around a 'purse'. ;)
  9. If that's you in your avatar, I think you could carry anything and look good.
  10. Yes, it is me, and thank you. :smile:
  11. No kidding!!! ;)

    Always nice to see the guys on the Prada forum. We poor gals have so little eye candy on the Prada forum, except handbags of course. :nuts:

    I've been meaning to ask where you found this. Seriously, you could definitely pull that look off. If you get it, we INSIST on model shots. :graucho: