Prada Glazed Zippers Tote (kinda looks like the Antic Cervo?)

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  1. I think it's divine: perfect shape and perfect colour!
  2. I think it's amazing...are you getting it?? :heart:
  3. I love it too. I would have gotten one if I had been in the market for another tote. If that ombre combo came in a shoulder bag, I would have been on it like stink on poo-poo!
  4. Gorgeous!!!

  5. i'm trying my bestest to resist... :sweatdrop:
  6. I love it!
  7. It's very pretty. I'm wondering if it's on the longer side though?
  8. I really like this, love the colour, would just be a bit big for my liking.
  9. OH it is so beautiful!! I almost bought the grey one............................