Prada Glazed Calfskin Tote

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  1. [​IMG]Greetings!!

    The Prada glazed calfskin tote looks luxe! The leather looks so soft and nice and the gold hardware is a sweet touch but is it really worth $2,580.00?

    I like how the bag is simple but well constructed but it doesn't really scream out loud for me especially that it costs more than $2,000.

    Would you buy this purse? If not, what other handbag would you get for that amount?

  2. Such a hot bag, and totally modern-classic. If you have the money, than I say go for it. It is a bit pricey, but if you love it, than it is worth it!
  3. I love that! If you would use it and if you love it, then it would absolutely be worth it if you've got the money.
  4. it's a nice bag although i think prada kinda overpriced.
  5. I love the gold plates around the handle. Very luxe!
  6. That, for me, would be the work bag of a lifetime! I love the gold hardware accents. I think it could definitely be worth $2500, but I'd have to see it to be able to say for sure.
  7. I agree. It looks amazing in the pic but I have to see it in person.

    It looks like its going to be a tote and maybe too small to fit on the shoulder?

    Does anyone have this purse or seen it in person yet?