Prada Glace Zippers Bag - anyone have this bag?

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  1. I'm considering the style that comes w/ a strap and you can wear it crossbody. Does it look too bulky that way? Anyone have in real life pictures?
  2. Is it the one you can wear as clutch or does it have handles? I have the one with the handles and I normally wear it messenger style. I don't think it's bulky at all (unless you stuff it to the brim). Sorry, I don't have modeling pictures for this bag.
  3. i am also interested in this bag. would love to see some picture :love:
  4. I think this is the one you are talking about. Mine is Fumo/Ardesia. I've had it for about 8 months now, but have hardly used it as the weather is horrible here. The strap is actually quite annoying, as it won't go cross body and wearing it on the same shoulder as the side you're carrying the bag is actually tiring and unpleasant. But I love this bag, the colour is fabulous and the style is so me.
    Prada Glace 1.JPG Prada Glace 2.JPG
  5. i want this bag too. Maybe we should petition Prada to make some for us with longer straps! :tup:
  6. Thanks for the pictures! It's beautiful!! Does your style also have a pocket so that you can carry it as a clutch?
  7. the bag looks really pretty. i have been looking for one but still no luck. do you know which season is this?
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    Here is a pic of mine...

    I believe this collection came out the fall season of 2007.

    Aside from the tote version, there is also another glace zippers version of this bag (slightly larger than the one I posted here) that sported heavy plaques on the front and back of the bag, and on the handles. I believe it was Prada Psycho, who had (appropriately) referred to that style as the 'brick'. I ended up returning mine not soon after I got it. I believe I still have pics of that bag saved somewhere in my computer. I like Graciella's (clutch version - yum!) and the one I currently have so much better than that one.


    P.S. I'm a shortie so the straps on mine are perfect for me.
  9. ^^
    I had both, but I sold the one with plaques. Here are the pics MVC-006S.JPG MVC-032S.JPG
  10. hi marose! beautiful bag!! do you happen to know if your bag is the same size as graciella's?
  11. ^I think the ones with the handles are wider than mine - mine is quite narrow. It does have the open front pocket to wear it as a clutch, but I've never used it that way as it is a bit too big I think. I'll try to do some modelling pics soon, so you can see how it looks when carried.
  12. Hi marni... thanks!
    BTW, I replied to your PM with the measurements of my bag, but I'll post it here anyway so Graciella can pipe in re: the difference between our bags sizewise...
    my bag is roughly 7" tall by 12" long, and is about 6" wide/deep.
    I did a quickie measurement with a ruler but the numbers should be accurate enough.


    Graciella, can't wait to see more pics of your bag. I adore the clutch option.
  13. Ok, here goes:

    First pic, carried as a clutch (please note that the bag is stuffed with tissue paper and may look different than when filled with your usual things - wallet, make up etc.)
    Prada Glace Zippers Clutch 1.JPG
  14. Pics of the bag worn on the shoulder
    Prada Glace Zippers Shoulder 1.JPG Prada Glace Zippers Shoulder 2.JPG
  15. Last pair of pics, worn cross-body. This is actually very uncomfortable and I really wouldn't recommend carrying it like this.
    Prada Glace Zippers CrossBody 1.JPG Prada Glace Zippers CrossBody 2.JPG