PRADA GLACE - how many shapes are there?

  1. i am seriously considering the glace range - i think this is what they are called, ones with gradation of light to dark - but am not sure what are the available shapes for this range. different places seemed to have very limited shapes for this range.

    do they come in single tone hardwares? do they have brown and grey and no other colours?

    do you own one (or two or three...)? if so, would you mind showing me some pics of yours to see how many shapes of the glace are out there?

  2. My tote should arrive tomorrow (yay!) and I'll post pictures for you when it comes. Hopefully, it's as pretty on my arm as it is online.
  3. Oh my! There's easily a dozen different versions, maybe more! Keep an eye on Styledrops and Raffaello Network's website. That's where you'll see the largest number of the Glace line. It's positively dizzying! :shocked:
  4. I have one suggestion for you and her name is Marie. She will e-mail you pictures of all the Glace' styles available at Nordstrom (Bellevue is the first Nordys to carry Prada!) and any other styles that she thinks you'll like from other stores. She is the Prada specialist at Bellevue and she is fabulous she'll find the PERFECT bag for you. I am guilty of purchasing 3 Pradas since Nordys started carrying them (2 months ago) and am considering a 4th all thanks (or maybe no thanks :p) to Marie.
    Marie Allen
    Prada Specialist
    Bellevue Nordstrom