Prada Glace birthday present Dilemma

  1. I was wagging my tail around latest Prada clutches when my husbnd said: "Hey, you're birthday is in 3 weeks, why don't you go for something bigger as a birthday present??"

    So the dilemma is now this: I can't choose between the nero/gray glace handbag with silver hardware:
    and the lovely shoulderbag:

    If I was a good wife I'd go for the zipper tote, wich is much cheaper, but I already've got lots of totes....
    Please, help me decide...
    1,2 or 3?
    Thanks friends!
  2. Does the first one come with an attachable shoulder strap? For the life of me I can't remember. I much prefer that one to the others and I don't think that metal at the top strap can be that comfortable as a shoulder bag, anyway (number 2). If you have a lot of totes, don't go for #3.
  3. Number 1 DOESN't have any attachable strap. This worries me.... I'm opting for the n. 1 but I'm worried about unconfortableness.
    But looking around I see so many women carring around that Louis Vuitton Speedy, without shoulder strap.
    So I guess you can get used to it...
  4. Oh Breena! Your husband is such a love!
    I'm going to have my birthday on 11 of October so probably in more less the same time as you ;) , but my BH said NO BIRTHDAY BAG this year as I'm going to get a birthday car
    I'm so angry, really! So I'll have to get my Glace present myself :yes:

    I'm also a tote girl, but since you already have too many go for the first one!
  5. either number 1 or 3, 1 is more beautiful, but you're right that 3 is more pratical with the strap.

    I think you need to consider what you want out of this. As it's a bday present, isn't a bag you absolutely love but that's not 100% pratical, still ok? In my mind it is, it's a special occasion splurge, save the pratical bags for regular old bag buying days :smile:

    But if you need an everyday, workhorse bag, then maybe 1 isn't a great idea.
  6. #3!!!! :tup::yahoo:

    I think that one is classic. The 2nd one, I like in the large size, but that one looks little. The first is nice, Ive seen it IRL, but the 3rd is so chic, the size is perfect, and I love the gradient leather. :heart:
  7. A BIRTHDAY CAR!!!??!!!!!!
    These husbands are spoiling us!
    Not that we don't deserve.........
  8. Hmmm...out of sheer practicality, I'd have to say #3. You say you have a lot of totes so then if you can handle it (pardon the pun), I'd go for #1 even though it doesn't have a shoulder strap. As a prev poster said, #2 is great but seems like the metal shoulder part would be painful after awhile.
  9. I like #1. It is more classic and can last for many seasons. Congratulation you have a such lovely husband!
  10. I liked 1 better but if you are not used to handheld bags,then go with the #2
    because I bought handheld bag w/loving very much but didn't used very much because of the handheld
  11. I think I'll go for the handled....
    But now again a question for you all:
    grey with silver hardware

    or nudo/ardesia with golden hardware???

    Grey is very HOT this winter and I've seen the bag IRL looking very CHIC. But considering that I'm blond, normally golden works better for me.....
    What's your opinion, please?
  12. Now, that is hard! I always have the same problems with hardwere! I love gold but maybe silver is more "young looking" ????
    You need to think about how the leather part is going to match your wardrobe. Since the grey is the IT colour for the f/w and that bag is also quite IT = maybe you should go for :idea:a WHOLE IT LOOKING BAG = a grey degradee Prada one! I hope it make sense what I mean!
  13. Woah! I LOVE that with the gold hardware!!! It really pops against the leather! :heart:
  14. that's a hard decision, I like the leather of the grey with silver better and the hardware of nudo with gold better.

    I think they should make you a hybrid version :rolleyes:
  15. i LOVE the first grey one with silver hardware!!!