PRADA GIFT 2007.....available in USA?

  1. hey all, not sure if this has been mentioned before..i went ot PRADA homepage and saw a GIFT 2007 icon on the top right corner. i clicked it and there a page for european countries.. then it show teddy bears and lot of other stuff... i wan the teddy it available in USA boutiques?:tup::yes:
  2. The bears are in the US boutiques...the Chicago one has a lot of them.
  3. i just ordered 2! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ot pradafanatic, I love your avitar!! It is my screensaver. I love nutty, he is my favorite!!!!!!!!!
  5. Is it available in Canada as well?
    I want to get my hands on one of those cardholders.. the colours are so gorgeous!
  6. The Gift 07 eCommerce area only sells to certain European countries which are listed on the site...but you can get the ID number for an item and call a store.
  7. how much are those bears selling for in the US?
  8. Thye 150 each but selling out FAST...:tup:
  9. Oh i want it all.