Prada Gaufré-I need help on my second thoughts......!!


Gauffre Tote or Hobo?

  1. Hobo!

  2. Tote!

  3. Something else (pls specifiy in post)

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  1. I really wanted thePradaNappa Gaufré Convertible Hobo in Noce (dark brown) but then I saw the Antic Nappa Gauffre Tote in black. I was about to buy the Antic but I had second thoughts...(or third thoughts rather). Which one should I get?

    Tote: [​IMG]

  2. I prefer the first one still. Like them both but the first one just calls to me. lol!:yes:
  3. I just bought the hobo and love it. Besides the shape difference, do you like one or two handles? Also the hobo snaps closed and I think the tote zips closed. BTW, the snap closure feels quite secure.
    You can't go wrong - they both have such great leather! Have fun deciding and buying!
  4. they are both killer bags!However I like the hobo better for the extra strap
  5. oooooh, I love the first one, you can wear it 2 different ways!!!
  6. Like the hobo more, sometimes if is nice for the bag to hang rather sitting high up towards the shoulder. I find those bags difficult to go shopping with as you need to hitch them constantly when you bend over to check things out!
  7. get the hobo. The tote is bulky and can only be hand carried. Sold mine (at a loss) and don't regret it one bit. My favorite style is the bowler though.
  8. my vote goes to the hobo as well. i find hand-carry bags somewhat inconvenient
  9. rupbasoli, did you get this one? this went for really cheap! retailed about US$3000...? i bought it when it first came out....

    kneehighz, i think something like this is an alternative option. i dont like the tote at all because i always thought it looked a bit awkward. the latest bowler perhaps?

  10. thanks for the help everyone! I do like a certain bowler that I saw at neiman but ...oh darn it now i want them all..muhuah:graucho: Um. yeah so, I'll sleep on it and see where I am in the morning:smile: thanks again!
  11. Hobo! I think it looks much easier to wear and the ruching just looks more fitting on the hobo style.
  12. I have the hobo in cera and love it. Like everyone said -- a bit more versatile than the hand-held tote.
  13. I really love the shape of the hobo--and the extra strap would be so practical!
  14. Same here! I'm a sucker for the brown shading on Pradas too!