prada gauffre tote in noce

  1. i just received my prada gauffre tote in noce (the one that victoria beckham has). the first thing that struck me was how HUGE it was! i tried it on at Neiman Marcus before and it didn't feel that huge, but when i tried it on again at home, it felt HUMONGOUS... to the point where i'd have doubts as to whether or not i could use it as a day bag at all (which was my intention).
    i don't know if i should keep it or return it :sad:
  2. I got the shoulder strap oone instead..its smaller and easier to carry..Its a GREAT bag.....whatever you do..itll be gorgeous if its the Gauffre line...
  3. Hey Jill are you back from Vacay? It's nice to hear from you again!
  4. If you're having doubts now, return it and get something you're really going to love and use.
  5. ^LOL..UH..Im stealing Phh's laptop at the beach...still on vacation..VERY BURNED..too much beach already...

    Back on topic....I like the two Gauffre bags I got better than the its easier to use and a better size,Its a matter of what you are comfu with...GOOD LUCK!
  6. thanks so much for your feedback! what initially drew me to this bag was the's beautiful! i don't think the strap version comes in noce, otherwise i would have gotten it in a heartbeat. i'm gonna try to post a (bad) pic of it on me to give everyone an idea
  7. [​IMG]
  8. That bag is too cute. Is there a smaller version? I think there were 2 sizes. Maybe that will help with your problem.
  9. the smaller is the shoulder strap version, no? that one didn't come in noce :sad:
  10. If you don't feel comfortable wearing it, you should return it for something else. It does look big on your tiny body, but that's the trend nowadays.
  11. do you think it'd be weird to use as a day bag?
  12. as much as you spent on that bag, I would be using it in my sleep.
  13. Did you ask the SAs at Neimans - ask them to check the books, it may just not have come in yet. The prada boutiques definately got the shoulderstrap bags in noce. Call Jill's SA - Sada. Her # is posted in one of these threads if you do a search.
  14. YEP! My shoulder strap one IS NOCE!!! it from Sada at Prada Broadway store in NY..tell her to find you JILLS bag..LOL..shes great..
  15. Yes, mention Jill and you will get top notch, Grade A service! I should know, her Las Vegas SA is amazing!