Prada gauffre that fit over your shoulder...

  1. Also--which styles are available that you can put the handles over your shoulder (not the messenger straps) but the actual handles that are roomy enough to fit over your shoulder...

  2. I am not one of the gauffre experts around here, but I know that the tote and hobo both fit over your shoulder.
  3. Can someone with a gauffre hobo please show a pic of you carrying the handle on your shoulder pleeeaasse? I really need to know how it looks like before I put in a bid on eBay.
  4. spendalot: I am not sure if the leather strap on the hobo is the same length as the braided one but here is a pic with it on. Although it looks like it is close to my armpit, it really is not. I can get into the bag easily while wearing it on my shoulder. I absolutely LOVE this bag! Go for it!

  5. Hi Pursemania,

    I have replied to your msg and email, pls ignore them.
    Thanks very much for the pic! Looks great on you!
    The one I am eyeing is a nylon one tho. Same as the one Jill has. I never had experience with nylon bags so I hope they'll look as nice as your leather one :smile:
  6. Ill post a pic of me wearin mine in the am for jammies already..LOL
  7. Cool! :tup:

    Jill, also would you say the colour of your hobo is slightly greenish? Or is it really brown in real life? Cos it looks like it has a greenish tinge to it in the pics.
  8. The braided handle has the green tinge to it..the bag itself is more metallicy brown lookin