Prada Gauffre Tessutto in green??

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  1. Hi,
    i`m very new to Prada, wonder if someone knows more about the nylon totes
    called Gauffre.??

    I want to get one in Kelly Green almost apple green color?

    Can I still buy it in the stores, or are they from last season/year??

    Any tips or leads??

  2. I remember this....I doubt it's still available at the higher end dept. stores (Saks, Neimans etc..) Let me sniff around..have you tried ebay? If you do see one I would just make sure you have it authenticated here first before bidding....

    ^ I just tried this reputable website..but I don't see any..they do have a crispy tote in green but that's it...I remember seeing them last year on this site...maybe some other members will be able to help you more..If I do happen to stumble across it I'll pm you..good luck in your search!!!!
  4. HOLY SCHMOKES!!! RN is like nylon rainbow heaven!! I've never seen so many nylon bags in so many colors on their site before!! Lots of cute stuff right now. :yes:
  5. I know that Prada boutiques still have some nylon gaufres around (they even had some on sale awhile back). If you want, you can call Prada SA Beatrice at 310-278-6881. She can help you look for one nationwide. Also, since Saks may still have inventory on this, try Amanda at Phoenix Saks at 602-955-8000 ext 5358. I hope they are able to help you find your bag.
  6. Thanks...I just read it now....J
  7. th_IMG_0538.jpg