prada gauffre price

  1. I just found out about prada gauffre from my sister and she was telling me how popular it is. So I went to and saw two of the nylon ones on their sites. I know that this bag comes in leather too. How much is the retail price for the leather ones in each size?
    How many style do they come in?

  2. There are leather versions.
    2 handled tote(NOT a shoulder bag)1750
    E/w messneger bag=2450
    square leather messenger 2790

    WAY too many nylon versions..They range from around 1200 to 1900 ish
  3. do you have pics of the handled tote and the squared leather messenger?

    I'm surprised to see that the tote one is less than 2K
  4. IF you look in my bag showcase..I have 2 of the gauffre bags in Black..and brown