Prada Gauffre - PICS ONLY

  1. Model: BN1788
    Name: Nappa Gaufre
    Colour: Nero

    She's my all time fave! :biggrin:
    DSC00680a.jpg DSC00682a.jpg DSC00684a.jpg DSC00685a.jpg DSC00687a.jpg
  2. WOW! This so beautiful! Love the color;) So chic!

  3. here is my Gaufre in black. if there was a napa leather blanket, i would sleep on it, it's so soft!
    cheers to all the Gaufre lovers!
  4. Hi Erinz, what is the model no of your bag? Is it the nylon version of bn1789?

    Btw u have a fabulous bag! I love it too!
  5. Hi girls,

    What model no is this?

  6. Model: BN 1407 in nappa gaufre
    Colour: Cera

  7. Ykie, u are right! I too love the bag to death.. It wear nicely on the body :smile: and it's super light!!!
  8. Hi Girls,

    This is my first Gaufre!

    I got this bag today from my friend.
    She bought in 2007, but used only a few times and still excellent condition:yahoo:

  9. Beautiful Bag!! Congrats!!!!:graucho:
  10. orangecat> love the color of the bag! makes it look vintage.
  11. i need more guaffres!!!!!!
  12. Prada BN1336 Tessuto Gaufre in black. My fave everyday bag :smile:[​IMG]
  13. This is the exact bag I am thinking about getting....I have the E/W one already but wanted one a little bit bigger....Do you have a modeling picture of this? TIA;)
    And do you find that you lose a lot of things because of its depth?
  14. I can't get over how gorgeous this bag looks! You are a lucky lucky lady:graucho:....This is TDF!!!

  15. THe E/W one looks nice too. I'll try to post some mod pics soon :smile:
    I dont find it difficult to retrieve things fm the bag. It has two inner pockets for small items which i find very useful. Also I try not to overstuff it as you know the base is soft.