prada gauffre frame bag --any thoughts?

  1. Hi All. Trying to decide whether to keep this gauffre frame bag (sorry the picture isn't all that great, it was with my phone). It is the smaller one, smaller than the enormous one shown in some of the celebrity pics on this website. It's that really nice brown color, it has side pockets, the handles aren't really meant to fit on your shoulder though. I may try to get a gauffre satchel instead of this if I can find one(the E/W with the zipper opening and long strap), but I can't decide??
    Any thoughts?
  2. Personally, I think this bag is fabulous. I like satchel, hand-held bags more so than shoulder bags. But if you don't love this bag and are already having second thoughts, then I think that's a sign that perhaps you should exchange it for something you're crazy about it...
  3. I LOVEEE the way this bag looks but it's not as practical as the graffre satchel. I like to wear my bags on the shoulder. :yes:
  4. I tried the smaller one on at NM and found it too bulky and big to be hand carried.Post a pic wearing it so we can see how it looks?
  5. I have this style in the washed leather, but the bigger one. I really like it. It is totally different from the E/W you are thinking of.
  6. I started with the large version, which I still think is one of the most gorgeous bags ever. It fit on my shoulder and of course could be hand or arm carried, but it was just too big for me (I'm barely 5' 5"). I reluctantly returned it. I just got the smaller size of the gauffre frame bag, hoping I would love it as much, and I personally don't. Boohoo. The handle now will not go on my shoulder. And while the bag is not so long, it is still very wide, so it seems more rectangular in this size. It is a shape that doesn't work for me. It's a whole different bag. So I'm going with a gauffre messenger, in a squarish sort of shape. HOWEVER, if you love hand-carry bags, and a sort of east/west shape, and the ruched leather, the smaller frame bag could be for you. I wish I had what it takes to pull off the big one, but I don't.
  7. i love the style
  8. I like it.Show us a picture of you wearing it .
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. Sorry I can't do any more pics, I just returned the bag yesterday. It just wasn't right for me, ie could only carry on arm (when I really need it on my shoulder), and something about the sizing was just a little off. Will let you know when I find the right one!
  10. Good luck. It's a lovely style, but maybe just not practical in real life. I hope you find a great replacement.
  11. I have this bag also - just got it from Love the style and look, but I have to keep reminding myself that for the price, I won't use it that often, so it must go back! :crybaby:
  12. Anything from the Gauffre line, I love!!! I actually would love to see you wearing it. Can you post a pic for us? I say keep it. ;)
  13. Sorry, its boxed and ready to go! I'm 5'6", average size and don't think it looked too big on me, but of course, it was only stuffed with paper. It is probably pretty heavy when full. I use a LV cabas alto for work - this bag is about the same size (width and height). Can't use is as a purse during the week - I would look silly! (or at least like I was trying too hard):s
  14. I saw a woman with a Prada gauffre today. It's absolutely beautiful! I'd go to BG's or Saks to see one ITF, but I'm afraid I'll wanna get one.
  15. i just bought the large frame gauffre. i am about 5'5''... dear or dear, do you think i will look funny carrying it...?