Prada Gauffre Antik Frame Bag...thank you Santa..

  1. Santa really does exist, this is proof.

    I had seen the giant tote version of this bag on the Hollywood Starlets but searched and searched for the medium version for myself. A wave of Good Purse Karma swept over me and the man in the red suit delivered this to my stocking. Thank you to those who helped authenticate and cheer me on.

    The leather is antiqued to give it an edge, the leather is silky smooth and the bag puddles like melted Godiva chocolate. The closure is unique with strong magnetic closures that click into place all on their own, no lining up necessary.

    Here is my Prada Gauffre Antik Frame Bag, Medium size:
    PradaGauffreAntikFrameCattyCorner.jpg PradaGauffreAntikFrameInterior.jpg PradaGauffreAntikFrameHeldUp.jpg
  2. If anyone knows the exact Style name, Color and Year of Introduction of this bag, please post it here. Thanks.
  3. gauffre'an frame bag, small (?), F/W 2006. welcome to the gauffre'an frame 06 club!
  4. Ohhhh congratulations LSR, lovely!
    I hope Santa brings me one too!
  5. Ooooh....nice. Congrats!
  6. Oooohhhh, absolutely LOVE it!! :heart:
  7. Enjoy !! I have frame bag and love the way it closes -- very satisfying -- and it looks like the handles fit over your shoulder too, right ??
    Nice Santa :smile:
  8. That bag is gorgeous. Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  9. So stunning ... congrats on your gauffre frame bag! I love these bags, hopefully next year I might be lucky enough to get one;)