Prada Galleria/Double Zip Tote largest size discontinued?


Dec 19, 2015
So, I'm in the market to buy the Prada Double Zip Tote, also known as Galleria tote. I wanted to compare the largest size and medium size but the SA said they're no longer and/or discontinuing the largest size so, he didn't have it in store to show the size comparison. Not sure if that's true because online at Prada, Saks, etc are still selling it. Any of you Prada addicts, know if that's true? Would love to know!


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Feb 11, 2010
No, not that bag. This bag:

I believe it's the largest of the Galleria style.
Yes..that is correct. Prada is for sure discontinuing the large size without the strap. The one with the strap is still being sold for $3100 CDN in a few colours but they have discontinued both versions in the black with gold hardware (in the large). The medium, small and mini is still in production (and in black).