Prada Fringe: which one?

  1. Hi all!
    I'm new at this forum, but I think this is the right place to receive an advice on my actual dilemma:
    I LOVE the new SS07 Fringe Style and I decided to buy one but I can't decide on colour and model. The possibilities at my local Prada retailer are:

    1. Fringe hobo in suede (never seen elsewhere, but belive, it exists)
    2. Fringe Tote in napa Cera (so wonderful colour this season)
    3. Fringe tote in napa Noce (The VB one)

    The suede hobo is so....wild, and casual, but the tote...
    What's your opinion?
  2. This is the hobo, but I didn't find any pic in suede.
  3. :sad: I can't see the pic!! :sad:
  4. Here you have pics, both tote and hobo.
    Prada_Fringe_ToteCera.jpg PradaHoboFringe.jpg
  5. Fringe tote in napa cera.
  6. PROs for Ivory Nappa Tote:
    - nappa is more resistant than suede
    - it has a removable strap
    - it's white (hot for SS 07)
    PRO for Suede Fringe Hobo:
    - it is VERY rare
    - it's comfortable to carry
    - it's cheaper (in Italy: 1054 euros)

    AGAINST Cera Fringe Tote

    - it can't be carryed under shoulder
    - it's expensive (in Italy: 1720 euros)

    AGAINST Suede Hobo:
    - I've just bought Coffer Miu Miu in suede
    - It will stain fast (like miu miu)
    - It's not a a "summer bag"

  7. I purchase the Fringe Tote in napa cera a few weeks ago, yes it is expensive but it is beautiful i have only used in once, but everybody loved it :yahoo: even the ones that think the Prada Fringe Tote is so weird - maybe they are just a bit boring.:yes:
  8. Yeah..I agree...
  9. The Ivory Nappa Tote, mainly because of its colour.
  10. I've phoned and asked to hold the Ivory Tote for me.
    I'll post pics when I'll get it.
    Thank you all
  11. i think number 2. but i cant see any pics.
  12. Hello....

    I love the hobo!! in the dark brown...

    I'm not an ivory girl! :p Good luck and can't wait to see your pix when ya post 'em!!!
  13. They have it in the warehouse, as the early spring collection is now in store. It'll arrive for me on 15th march and I'll post pics for you all.
  14. I think it's going to be gorgeous. I have it, too, and the picture doesn't do it justice! The fringe really drapes goregously. It's definitely for the non-boring purse lovers! :wlae:
  15. Ivory! Ivory! Ivory!

    This Prada fringe hobo is definitively the non-boring purse lovers statement!!