Prada Fringe Bags

  1. Here are pictures of my black leather fringe hobo, affectionatly known as "Cousin It",
    and a larger fringe hobo in suede. I loved my black one so much, I ordered the suede
    from Bluefly. I just wasn't crazy about the suede fringe, so I sent it back.
    bag_pic9.JPG bag_pic7.JPG bag_pic2.JPG bag_pic1.JPG bag_pic6.JPG
  2. In a way I like the fringe and in a way I don't. It's just not my style I guess. I like the "simple designs" better.
  3. I hated the fringe the first time I saw them! Then I guess they just kind of grew
    on me. Now I love them,.....except the suede.
  4. Good choice on the return of the suede moogle!
    Love the black hobo!
  5. Love them! I don't know, I love the bag in person in leather also but was not impressed w/ the suede-I know Prada is somewhat understated but you can so see the emblem better in the leather styles I thought-great collection!
  6. Thanks all! I think that black fringe and my Fendi Squirrel are my 2 favorites.
  7. You gals are making me feel better...I just bought a Brown Fringe yesterday. I'm with you Moogle...I didn't like the Fringe when I first saw it...It seemed just a little too quirky to me...But after I saw some of the post of the Stars wearing them...they just started to grow on me...
    especially when I tried it worn messenger style really low...Too Kool :supacool:
  8. OMG! I LOVE your black fringe hobo!!! Congrats!

    Has anyone seen any black fringe hobos or totes anywhere else?? I bought a brown leather tote off bluefly yesterday, but I really want the black (I just tend to wear my black bags a lot more). TIA!

  9. Check out Bluefly this morning, they've added more bags!
  10. Thanks for the tip!!
    Does anyone happen to know the difference between the nappa leather and the lambskin? I thought they just came in either leather or suede?
  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE your fringe bags!!
  12. ^ITA...I didn't like them either at first..but now I do...LOVE the leather one..The suede looks too 'hairy' lol....Glad you sent it back..I would have too..:tup:
  13. Moogle I have that black hobo fringe too and I love it -- men even comment on that bag, people try to pet it -- I love it to death.
  14. Hey Girls, Black Fringe Hobo on Bluefly this morning!
  15. i love the fringe bags!, but only if they are worn with a really simple outfit, otherwise they look a bit over the top.