Prada Friends and Family 70% off

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  1. Just got back from Prada F&F Sale in BH, scored a pair of brown driving moccasins for my hubby for $129 marked down from $430. Too bad all the women's shoes were size 6.5 and up, too big for my size 5 feet. Their inventory is dwindling quite fast. The F&F discount is given to everyone, no code, coupon, or special handshake needed. Go get em!
  2. Ugh! I wish I could go to this! Did they have any bags? Did you get any?? I wear a size 4.5 shoe, so I feel your pain!
  3. Is everything 70% off, or is it just 70% off select merchandise? I'd really like a new wallet!
  4. is this at all Prada stores?
  5. Only select things. Mostly summer merchandise. I went to the 5th Ave store yesterday after work and it was mostly cleaned out. There were a few funky brightly colored wallets, and a lot of bags with the crystals on them. Some decent clutches..... Shoes were O.K.
  6. select merchandise. i went to the soho one and all the bags were ugly. they had a lot of the snakeskin i think, the bags with prints and stones. they also had one or two of the bronze ruffle bags with the chain.
  7. When this promotion started? Is it in every prada store?
  8. is clothing included? there's a dress i've been eyeing...
  9. Coupel of my friends went to the BH store and they reported that it's pretty cleaned out.

    Remember the crystal embellished totes that nobody seems to want? Well, since Prada already had its 40% sale, most of the good stuff are already gone.

    The worst thing is to step into the store and see all the gorgeous new FALL collection! Who wants the crappy sale stuff when the new purses/shoes are out! :graucho:
  10. Bum. I was in BH yesterday to shop at Saks, NM and Barneys, and we didn't stop by Prada because we got so tired.