Prada FOX-FUR bag, gorgeous :p

  1. two sightings on america's vogue september of this bag!
    i think it's gorgeous, although i'm not someone who can wear this bag, but it looks so beautiful. it retails for $3,150.

    what do u think?
    DSCN1710.jpg DSCN1711.jpg
  2. Sorry, me no-likey.
  3. Is it real fox? It reminds me of my dog, don't think I can carry it around
  4. Not for me:Push:
  5. I don't like it!
  6. YUK!!:yucky:
  7. I don't like this bag. Sorry!
  8. Nay for me.
  9. the tail is atrocious
  10. :yucky:Down with that...
  11. Oh god--I sometimes think some of the larger Pradas are a bit horsey for my taste (apologies to anyone who likes the big ones), but this one is--foxy? (not)
  12. too furry...
  13. Well I LOVE it- fur is one of my favorite materials and I would have closets and closets devoted to it if I had the funds. I can't bring myself to find fur an atrocity when I eat meat and wear leather bags and shoes- it's simply good use of material.
  14. I held this fur keychain at Prada and it cost $300+. When I placed it back down, quite a few strands fell off... My dh said that was a few dollars gone lol. That's one thing I don't like about furry things lol.
  15. Lmao :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: