Prada Flame Reveal

  1. Hi all:

    A couple of months ago I walked by Bergdorf's and spotted the Prada rose toe flame sandals in the window (the ones in the link). Not too often do I get stopped dead in my tracks by a piece of fashion, but it has happened. It happened here. Without telling my wife, I immediately ordered a pair from BG, online. It said, shipment in July. A few days ago, the order was cancelled. I was devastated! I sent an email asking why, and naturally it's been ignored.

    Anyway before I continue, if any of you wise tpf'ers would know where to get a pair, I'm all ears. I checked Saks, NM, BG, but I don't know about all of those places that you guys do. 38 is the size I need.

    I figured if BG would ignore me, maybe some nice people at the Prada store on 5th Avenue would clue me in as to what happened to these shoes, and maybe even find me a pair in the back, or something. lol.

    I was treated graciously but I'm still not sure what exactly I was told as to why there were none and wouldn't be any.

    However, I saw the pair I liked next best, and I don't even know the name. (I didn't care much for the versions with the tail lamps. For that price, they should work. lol)

    As I approached them, I couldn't believe my eyes! The rack they were on was the sale rack! When I picked them up, the tag said, only one pair left, size 38! And half off! Yeah baby! I waited with bated breath until the SA came out with the box and the other shoe. They were non-returnable, but I had already checked in with all you experts a few weeks ago... my wife's best fitting shoes are Guccis, in 38, and the majority said that 38 Gucci = 38 Prada. You were right! They fit my wife perfectly.

    I felt a little weird carrying a Prada bag home, slightly unclean. Altho I never felt that way about a B&H bag!

    Anyway, in the privacy of my own home, I could relax and enjoy, and I hope you do too!

    flame-1 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    flame-2 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    flame-3 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    flame-4 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    flame-5 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    flame-6 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    flame-7 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    flame-8 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    I think this weekend we'll go for a ride in this. I think she would look great in these shoes in this car. We both drive it but it is really for her. lol.

    mr-1 by dentonTay, on Flickr
  2. You are an amazing husband! She must be thrilled!
  3. Wow, I can only hope that one day I marry a man as thoughtful as you! :smile: I'm sure your wife will be absolutely thrilled!!! :smile: So happy you were not only able to find her size, but also find them on sale! :nuts: It was meant to be!! :flowers:
  4. That is an AMAZING find. I bet someone just returned them and you were the lucky person to snatch them up after that. You are very lucky! Congrats to you and your wife!
  5. Oh my gosh!!! Those are completely amazing. You are so thoughtful!
  6. To be honest I was not a fan of these shoes but then I saw them in real life and they really are stunning! It's so amazing that you got these for her - they're so beautiful in person, congrats & what a thoughtful gesture.
  7. Thanks all. I'm probably not a better husband than the next guy, but I do like nice stuff!

    I just got a call from the cc company fraud dept. I guess if you've never spent money at Prada, you get a special flag. lol.
  8. Stunning!!!
  9. What a wonderful story! Such a nice husband you are, thoughtful!!!
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  11. gorgeous shoes!!! my fav design of the season for Prada!!! :biggrin:
  12. Amazing purchase! :biggrin: I just saw the Prada exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I can't get enough of these shoes!
  13. Wow those shoes are unique!