Prada Fall Winter Collection on Prada Website

  1. For all the Prada and Miu Miu lovers here, I just visited and see that they have updated it and have put on the fall/winter 07 collection!

    Again it's full of originality and innovation, have been drooling since then:drool:

    BTW, Jill, the pink bag with the big metal part looks really beautiful in the catalog :yes:
  2. I saw it too! But not a lot of bags in the pdf
  3. OK...see on the front page..The grey OMBRE bag on the right?(on the Prada web page)
    THATS the one Prada sent me ..I think Im keepin it...LOL.
  4. I love this messenger bag (not so sure about the shaggy green coat...)

  5. The Prada wesite is the most low-tech website I have ever visited. LOL
  6. All the bags featured on the prada pdf




  7. It really is the worst designer website:tdown:
  8. The other bags from the website






    The big gray bag is my fave of the lot! Is that what u got Jill? Is it patent?

    The nylon bags with the fir tree ?ruchings are awesome too.... or maybe its just the pretty models
  9. the grey bag on the right is the one I have here
  10. Can't wait to see pics of ur bag Jill!
  11. maguses, thanks for the summary of the bag pics! Well, I guess the prada website is still under construction: have seen it under construction for more than 2 years...Compared with its design and the booming business, I have to say that this website is no where matching the status of the brand:smile:

    Jill, that bag is gorgeous! Will be looking forward to your pics!